Beauty of autumn – filling us with wonder

This autumn is teaching me again to marvel, to be astonished, to wonder about the beauty of nature, the beauty of transformation. And, it is inviting me to feel the beauty of being in the present moment – in the here and now.

I would stop in front of a tree and look up into its crown, watch the leaves dancing in the wind, catch falling leaves or simply watch their dance until they reach the ground. Appreciate the light and colors and the unique shape of each tree and leave.

When we sharpen our awareness, we soon discover that autumn has a little gift for each of our senses – the colors and the light (eyes); the crackling of leaves under our feet and the crinkling of the brown leaves on the trees (ears); the smell of sun-warmed dry leaves; the early morning smog and still some warming sun rays on our skin; seasonal food and drinks such as nuts (incl. the chestnut), pumpkins and apple juice that fill our taste.

Wishing you inspiring autumn days with some of my impressions:

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