Setting out for new horizons: Lucerne to Flüelen

Today, I start my adventure at the World Cafe in Lucerne’s bay. 

After a strong and tasty espresso, I embark on the boat Stadt Luzern.

Off we head, straight through the morning mist that still lays over the town and the lake – a misterious start…I would say.

Different tones of grey in competition. Eventually, the darkness of the water is unbeatable. Until, suddenly, I can spot a little light of hope far out on the horizon. 

The closer we come, the more the door opens. Wide and wider.

Until – magically – we get into the sunshine – blue sky – mountain scenery – autumn colors. Stunning! 

Beautiful – natural beauty and surprising play of nature! 

If this boat journey from Lucerne to Flüelen is the omen for my new professional adventures at the doorsteps, then, I am ready to go through the misty phase – full of confidence – brightness, sun and colors are just around the corner 😉

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