Once upon a time…

Outdoor laundry. Walking along Ascona‘s lungolago, I come across this testimonial photography. In a time not too long ago, women were washing clothes in lakes and rivers even here in Switzerland. It brings back memories of many other places in the world, where I have seen women (and even men) doing their “outdoor laundry”.

The history of a valley. The Onsernone Valley (Valle Onsernone) is a special place. It has somehow an attraction on me since I visited it for the first time, I have come back more than once; it has lush and tropical green forests covering steep hills, palm trees, flowers, an old charming architecture and a peaceful tranquility – it is wild and beautiful. Currently, the museum in Loco tells 50 years of the museum’s history and with it allows insights into the valley’s story. What impressed me is the fact that from more than 3’500 inhabitants, nowadays there are only 715 left. People were mainly farmers and stone-made stables that are fallen apart are a testimony of it. You can come across stables while walking along any of the hiking paths that lead through the forest. And then you might wonder – where are those meadows? This place is also one on this planet, that has never seen more surface covered by trees than today.

Isole di Brissago – Brissago islands: Two days ago, I finally visited the Brissago islands. I can see them when sitting on the sofa in my little apartment. The islands are located in the Lago Maggiore. There are two and I went to the bigger one. An enjoyable boat ride brings me in about 15 minutes from Ascona to the island. I hop off and as I read the slogan – I smile – “Around the world trip – on an island” 🙂 Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to immerse yourself into different places of this planet – be it on a botanical level. Then that is what the island offers: a beautiful botanical garden with plants from all over the world. And compared to the other smaller island that was already gaining autumn colors, this one was still totally green – tropical. It felt like being in a different world, as if time stopped for a while, and everything became quiet. It was then also to no surprise that people who purchased the island in 1885 found ruins of a monastery on the island.

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