Story of change: From Ventry dance hall to Penny’s Pottery

We can not only observe change in people but also in buildings. The Ventry hall on the Dingle Peninsula is one such example.

It was built by a family Martin and opened in 1935 as a dance hall. It was only one of several dance halls that were built in that time on the Dingle Peninsula following needs and trends of the local population. Later it was also used as a simple version of a cinema with a 16mm projector and wet batteries since electricity hadn’t arrived until the late 50’s. By then, the hall was starting to fall into disrepair and so was used, amongst other things, as a boat builders yard and as a cowshed.

It was in 1962 when the Sheehy Family bought the hall. They converted it into a tea-room and a showroom for their pottery products. That’s what it is till today – a pottery shop and a cosy cafe – using furniture (for example the benches and pulpits) of an old church that was closed down. It invites passerbies to stop, appreciate and buy some nice souvenirs and to enjoy a peaceful moment with tea or coffee and with a slice of a tasty homemade cake or scones.

Should you ever be in Ventry, don’t miss Penny’s Pottery & Cafe!


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