A few days in paradise – Gantrisch

After a few weeks in the city, the countryside was calling me. Gantrisch, a beautiful region near Berne was on my to-discover-list. I book a studio in an old farmer’s house, buy a train ticket and off I go. It is kind of a connected yet at the same time remote area. That’s what I realise once I got to the wrong “Allmid” in Hinterfultigen instead of Helgisried-Rohrbach and when I loose the last public transport around 6pm. But it could have been worth – weather and the area is simply beautiful for an evening walk, never mind. After a while I also reach mobile connection again and I can talk to my host. A very friendly lady, comes to catch me half way down – lovely. She takes me further over hills with stunning views to the alps into a little paradise. My studio is in a beautifully renovated farm surrounded by a pond, a herb garden and trees, meadows and forests. I hear birds singing, otherwise, it is totally silent. Wow, how relaxing. For four days these peaceful moments are granted to me and I literally soak them up. I observe birds, woodpeckers, insects, cats, deers and salamanders. I hike through forests and over hills where cows, horses, sheeps and dogs greet me in their very own way. I study and translate with a view into the green in the rhythm of birds’ songs. What a pleasure – what a paradise!

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