Time to move on

A last sunset on Phou Salao. The Golden Buddha sharing his beautiful view over the mighty Mekong River and Pakse town. An enriching 10 months in Southern Laos come to an end. Grateful for all the people I’ve met, all the things I’ve learned, the day-to-day experiences, adventures, moments of joy and also for the more difficult ones that pushed me forward. Every end a new beginning:

New – just published – Southern Laos Travel Guide : http://southern-laos.com/Southern-Laos-Travel-Guide

More reasons to come and experience the beauty of Southern Laos!

Thanks for following me on this journey. The journey goes on.


2 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. Ciao Franziska

    Anche mio figlio ha visitato quel luoghi con la sua amica. Ora sono a ko lenta. Tu tutto ok?

    šŸ“© Turi


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