Weekend escape to Luang Prabang

After all those months in the South, it was time for me to head north and visit Luang Prabang, the most famous travel destination within Laos. How is it? How has tourism developed since my last visit in 2009?

A few observations:

Though Luang Prabang is definitely much more frequented by tourists than the South, it has not lost its charm. You can still find the silent spots if you wander around and go against the flow, take your time, don’t rush, as it is recommended for Laos in general. Going slowly, observing.

My guesthouse was in an area (Ban Houa Xay) that felt like a weaving of local life and tourism, a beautiful experience – the main street made tourists come and go to their guesthouses while the side paths offered local life at its best with fisherman fixing the net, women cooking on fire, men uniting to chat and eat in the garden, children playing.

I also appreciated the variety in offer when it came to food – you can have beautiful more western-style cafés and restaurants preparing interesting dishes with local ingredients but you can also find local food stalls with simple local dishes. And if you feel like a little excursion – you can book and go for a boat trip to see the caves (that’s what I did) or go on a trekking or go see some waterfalls, you can also rent a bicycle and discover the town on two wheels.

It was easy for me to spend some enjoyable days in Luang Prabang – with special moments thanks to most beautiful lanterns and candle lights marking the end of the Buddhist lent – enjoy some impressions.


This little moments when you discover a beautiful corner…

Beautiful Wat Xieng Thong

On the Mekong around Luang Prabang


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