Open the doors to the world

I have spent the first ten days of this year in Olomouc, a beautiful town in the Moravia region in Czech Republic. The days are cold and only few people make it out of the warm flat into the streets. It feels a little sleepy. But once you get the chance to go into a nice coffee place such as the Nase Café or the Café Hajek, you may find some inspiring people. There is this barista lady who is also an excellent singer and violin player, with an interest in Celtic music and tradition. Or, you meet the chief editor of a local magazine, a women who had an idea and made it happen. She calls herself a “social worker” since she prefers busy locations such as a coffee place to work on the magazine instead of working at home.

One day I was invited by my partner to join one of his self-defence courses. A new and good experience, to attack and defend in the midst of military officers and police men. So I would say, I should be prepared for the next trip 😉

Then the last day before my return, I was invited to a birthday party near Prague and a young lady left an impression on me. She is studying to become an art teacher and has decided to make use of Erasmus (student exchange program in Europe) to go to Portugal. First, she said, she was a bit scared even with the idea itself, but once she was there, a whole new world opened to her. Her eyes are shining when she talks about it. She says she learns about many other cultures and different lifestyles. It reminds me about my own experience. Once you have the courage to open the doors, the world is yours.

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